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Heres a good safety tip [24 Sep 2010|10:41pm]

Man on man sex is safer!

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why I have joined [22 Dec 2002|01:17pm]

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Well I joined because back in middle school there were a few of us who rode the bus to the high school after school and we never were told to wear the seatbelts that were on the bus. . .but there were so many!! So we buckled up and became the safety nerds for a shortlived while. Nora (the one who made this) was part of it, I do know that. . .i don't know if she knew I was part of it because we weren't really that close yet, but I was!!! :)

Besides that though, I always wear my seatbelt because I don't want to be a victim of my own problem if I ever get into a car accident. It is a safety hazzard and I could get thrown out thru a window. NOT COOL!

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[06 Nov 2002|11:27am]

OK so i see we have a new member, but said new member hasn't posted yet. i figured as the admin here i would make a welcome post.
please post!
tell us why you joined... and why this club is so inactive.
i must recruit more members. and you must do so as well.
please make this club a roaring successssss!!!!!!!!
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safety fun! [24 Jul 2002|09:08am]

school buses that had seat belts yet were never used. . .so what do I do? BUCKLE IN!! safety first!
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